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4 Things I Learned In Boston

4 Things I Learned In Boston
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Have you ever been curious about what happens behind closed doors?

Maybe you wanted to be the fly on the wall?

I know I have said or thought that many times in life.

If you agree, then today is your lucky day.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to head to HubSpot Partner Days 2017 with our content manager Zach Basner.

Heck, we even did a Hubcast episode while we were there.

A cool group of folks including Dharmesh Shah, the co-founder of HubSpot, waxed poetic about our experience and excitement for the future.

Hubcast 136

Now, it’s your time to be the fly on the wall.

I am going to talk about four things I learned while at the Partner Day event.

4 Things I Learned At HubSpot Partner Day 2017

Number One: Everyone Loves To Be Loved–Especially HubSpot Partners

As I sat in a room of about 300 HubSpot partners, I couldn’t help but notice, they sure love being loved.

What do I mean?

As you walked in you could tell that Angela O’Dowd and her team had taken the time to pour love into the next couple days. We all got greeted with smiles, name badges, swag, and breakfast.

There was a buzz of conversation as all the partners conversed with each other as well as with HubSpot employees who were navigating through the halls.

As Brian Halligan & Dave McNeil took the floor, this was the underlying message: We love our partners, and the partner program is important to us.

Brian talked about feedback being the breakfast of champions. Dave talked about learning and pivoting from the past year. When the morning session was over, almost every partner was reinvigorated with the orange Koolaid that is HubSpot.


Because it was all about them. How much they were needed, how much they were loved, how much they were driving the bottom line.

They loved being loved.

Number Two: Inbound Marketers Want In On Video Content

Video is the new selfie.

That is the statement that I heard as I walked to one of my sessions. I was amazed at how many people were shooting some type of video while at Partner Day.

Shoot (No pun intended), but Bob Ruffolo, “RuffDawg”, even pulled a couple people to the side to promote the IMPACT Live event.

Here are a couple of the Facebook Live interviews:

HubSpot loves video as well. They realize that it is taking over, and therefore will be very important to inbound marketers in the future.

I can’t tell you much more than that, but…you should be excited.

And, you should start getting good with, and on, video today.

Number Three: Networking Is The Best Brand Building Strategy Ever

As always, it was great to rub elbows with folks in real life. Seeing people that I had not seen in person since Inbound 2016, or over the digital screen lately, was refreshing.

It was also a good gauge for The Sales Lion brand, as well as my personal brand.

The more people you meet with, talk with, enjoy food and beverages with, the more opportunities arise to become known.

On a side note, If you have not had a chance to read the book Known by Mark Schaefer, you should.

While at partner days, I had several people tell me that our One Last Tool video podcast was very useful.

While I was walking around the HubSpot science fair, I had a HubSpot employee start to introduce me to someone. In the middle of the introduction, they let out a loud “George B Thomas!” and gave me a huge hug.


Because of networking. Turns out, they had been an interview on One Last Tool.

This year’s HubSpot Partner Day showed me that, without a doubt, networking is the best brand building strategy ever.

Number Four: Innovation Is Exciting & Needed

One of the big takeaways for me was the power of innovation. Seeing all the new features that HubSot is talking about adding to their existing tools was close to mindblowing.

It was interesting to watch the excitement of the two-day event build and build. As people saw more innovation, they saw more possibilities, more streams of revenue, and more ways to help their clients.

As for me, I saw more ways to educate. I could easily create another 350 video tutorials with all of the innovation that I see coming from HubSot in the next year.

If you want to be excited and see what is coming, then you might want to show up for #INBOUND17. They will be unveiling a bunch of cool tools.

And I imagine HubSpot Academy, as well as The Sales Lion, will be launching much more educational material.

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