Account-Based Sales Strategy is the Future, and Groove is Here For It

Account-Based Sales Strategy is the Future, and Groove is Here For It
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When it comes to SaaS software sales, targeting individuals is hardly a model of efficiency. After all, an average of 5.4 people are involved in a single enterprise sales decision. Given that group-based vetting is the norm, account-based sales (ABS) is more productive than targeting specific leads.

The account-based approach to selling, however, can be time consuming. Tracking in-depth metrics and timelines across multiple targets, as well as collaborating on that information across internal teams, feels nearly impossible unless you’re capable of computer-like organization. The solution? Sales automation.

During my days working in sales at Google, I found myself wanting an intelligent assistant that would track all my timelines, patterns and reminders without me having to mandate it. Ultimately, I needed something to help me find my groove so that I could stay busy working the human aspect of selling. That’s when Groove, the sales enablement platform, was born.

What you can do with Groove

In making the sales process simpler and smarter, Groove breaks down its capabilities into three realms. By automating the mindless clerical work at every step in the journey, Groove is also capturing important data to help you sell smarter in the future, especially for those following ABS strategies.

  • Sync: Understand everything happening in your sales ecosystem

The sales cycle is longer with ABS, and that means more metrics to track over longer periods of time. In order to keep a bird’s eye view of the whole process, tracking and analyzing metrics thoroughly and quickly is key.

Groove captures the whole organization’s outreach metrics, from every email sent and received to every call dialed and returned. Capturing this data allows Groove to identify which outreach strategies work best for reaching your prospects.

Traditionally, sales professionals would have to make the conscious decision to aggregate that data and spend the time making sense of it to find what strategies and time frames work best. The insights it can deliver are valuable, but the time investment isn’t worth it. Groove takes the time waste out of the question and lets the sales professional shine with the higher-level strategy while it handles granular analysis.

  • Flow: Drive a more consistent process

Prioritization is important when it comes to ABS because of the high volume of time and resources it requires. Sales professionals need to be able to pick which campaigns and organizations they want to prioritize in their outreach, but with multiple organizations targeted at once, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the interweaving timelines.

Groove combats that struggle through its capability to streamline repeatable processes. Its features allow you to create automated reminder rules for making contact with your prospects. For example, you can tell the system, “For every account-based lead, remind me to reach out five days after they enter the system, and then add them on LinkedIn five days after that,” until you have the entire framework embedded into the software. Rather than taking the time to fill up your iPhone reminders or your Google Calendar, Groove is applying the rules for you for each new lead.

  • Schedule: Reach pure productivity

The more people involved in a sale, the more minds you must convince. Therefore, it’s even more important to have face time with each person involved so you can tailor your message to each individual interest. Without a smart scheduling tool, that’s a lot of time and email required.

Groove’s productivity features directly address the scheduling pain point. Clients are able to see your calendar and availability to book time directly. This cuts out the email back-and-forth to discuss time options, especially when you’re targeting multiple people at one organization who are involved in the sale.

Groove’s scheduling abilities also allow reps to schedule email to be sent at the most optimal times and see when emails are opened for an idea of engagement. Strategies can then be knowledgeably shifted based on what’s working and what’s not, allowing reps to find the perfect balance and then move through their work much faster, close more sales and earn more money.

How is Groove unique?

Groove is the only all-in-one sales enablement solution on the market that’s customizable for your whole sales team. While most solutions are applicable to only one level of your team, Groove tailors to anyone’s role – cutting out the need for spending on multiple different tools and onboarding employees to new ones when they’re promoted.

Onboarding your organization to Groove is a simple process that won’t take more than a couple hours. Through an in-depth training session, our team can show you how to customize the program to your needs. No matter if your team is made up of 10 or 1,000 sales professionals, ramping up is a smooth experience.

As more people get involved in SaaS buying decisions, the sales process needs to be simplified for the sake of both the seller and customer. Groove has its sights set on a smarter account-based sales world and wants to make it a reality.

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