Three Types of Tools to Use for Content Strategy and Planning | B2B Marketing Blog
Though more than 90% of B2B marketers now use content marketing in some way, many still struggle to do it productively. As reported here previously, just over a third of marketers “say their organizations are ‘very committed’ to content marketing,” and only about half rate their content marketing efforts as even “moderately successful” (much less… (0 comment)

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Tools: Introduction | B2B Marketing Blog
Despite the vast and growing size of the marketing technology (martech) universe, it is possible to make sense of it. Scott Brinker’s 2018 version of marketing technology landscape supergraphic lists 6,829 martech solutions—double the size of his list from just two years ago. But the interactive website visibility and engagement model below organizes about 750… (0 comment)

Nine Useful Social Media Marketing Stats: An Interactive Infographic Made with Venngage and ThingLink | B2B Marketing Blog
Content marketing and social media are the top lead generation tactics for B2B marketers. Social media, both paid and organic, is viewed as a highly effective channel for content promotion and amplification, second only to organic search. The infographic below, created by the team at Venngage, illustrates nine key statistics about social media marketing plus… (0 comment)