Why Engagement On Your Social Platforms Is Important For Your Next Trade Show | B2B Marketing Blog
Guest post by Reno Macri. Trade show or event marketing offers an excellent opportunity for businesses and marketers to gain valuable face-to-face time with potential clients, customers and business partners. However, digital technology, and social networking sites in particular, have fundamentally altered the way events are experienced. Image credit: CPS, Inc. on Vimeo Through social… (0 comment)

The Interactive Guide to On-Page SEO | B2B Marketing Blog
While search engine rank is ultimately based hundreds of factors, it rests on three main characteristics: relevance, trust (impacted by technical and social factors), and authority (based on backlinks and other factors like domain age). The core element of SEO is content; no amount of technical excellence or high-quality backlinks will help thin, low-quality, or… (0 comment)

17 Stellar Stats and Facts for Facebook Fans
Facebook is, for marketers of all types, the social network that can’t be ignored. Unlike sites that appeal primarily to specific demographic groups (Pinterest, Snapchat), career path (Vimeo, LinkedIn) or country (VK, WeChat), Facebook use cuts across all social, economic, demographic, and geographic boundaries. Image credit: www.vpnsrus.com From the business side, long gone are the… (0 comment)