Increase Your Sales with Pre-Built E-Commerce Segments
Your list contains a lot of valuable information about your customers, and with MailChimp’s powerful segmentation tools, you can use that data to personalize your marketing. And since just about anything can be used as criteria for your segments—like a customer’s location, birthday, engagement history, or interests—it’s always easy to reach the right people with… (0 comment)

Use These 9 Re-Engagement Emails To Win Back Inactive Subscribers – Email Marketing Blog | Email Marketing Tips & News
According to Informatica, an average email list decays at least 30% each year. Tough numbers, right? Here’s the good news: Not all of your disengaged or dormant email subscribers are lost causes. In fact, there are still plenty of ways to win them back. You already won them over once before so re-engaging them shouldn’t… (0 comment)

The ultimate guide to a winning email marketing strategy – Here’s what you should know! – Email Marketing Blog | Email Marketing Tips & News
Social media marketing is quite on trend right now. Entrepreneurs, friends and acquaintances flood our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds with frivolous messages, updates and notifications. Seriously, when was the last time you found something you were looking for in your Facebook notifications? Updates just keep piling up and we usually just scroll through our… (0 comment)

How to confirm email consent by using reconfirm method? – Email Marketing Blog | Email Marketing Tips & News
When you are making your email marketing campaigns, you can add specific merge tags that can help with email personalization like addressing a person by its name, filing dates or addresses automatically, and so on (see all merge tags that Mailigen system lets you implement in its emails). In order to comply with new GDPR… (0 comment)