WordPress Maintenance Checklist: The Ultimate List of Tips, Tools, and Best Practices
Just today I was meeting with two of our clients about their WordPress installations. I’m pretty vendor agnostic about content management systems. WordPress’ overall popularity has really helped it since most third-parties will integrate with it, and the themes and plugin ecosystem is as good as you can get. I’ve developed quite a few WordPress… (0 comment)

7 Ecommerce Tips For Creating Content that Converts
By creating content people find interesting and relevant, you can enhance your site’s visibility on Google’s search results. Doing that will help set you up for some conversions. But just getting people looking at your stuff doesn’t guarantee they’re taking action and giving you a conversion. Follow these seven ecommerce tips for creating content that… (0 comment)

Build or Buy? Solving Business Problems With the Right Software
That business problem or performance goal that’s stressing you out lately? Chances are its solution hinges on technology. As demands on your time, budget and business relationships mount, your only chance of staying ahead of competitors without losing your mind is through automation. Shifts in buyer behavior demand automation You already know automation is a… (0 comment)