A different kind of sales script
Say “sales script” to most salespeople and watch their eyes roll. Everyone associates “script” with the singsong voice of a bored telemarketer trying to sell you something while you’re trying to make dinner. But there’s a different kind of sales script. It’s called a “cognitive” script, and studies show that it can be an enormously… (0 comment)

Flipped learning: Yes, it works. No, people aren’t using it
It’s a concept that’s been circulating in learning circles since the 1990s and was popularized by Salman Khan in the last decade: “Flip” the traditional instructional design model so that learners acquire knowledge outside of the classroom/learning event and use the event itself as an opportunity to apply and practice that knowledge. In other words, learn on… (0 comment)

Workplace learning: Do employee rewards work?
Lately, traditional workplace rewards have been seriously reevaluated, both in research circles and in forward-thinking companies (think: Silicon Valley). For knowledge workers, research suggests that bonuses and other conditional benefits that companies used to motivate their employees for decades could actually decrease employee motivation. Here’s a quick summary: If an employee’s job involves doing something… (0 comment)