Want to boost learner engagement? Try this
An emerging area of educational research has found a specific quality that has a big impact on learner engagement. It makes learning more enjoyable. It boosts memory. And it can significantly improve the performance of learners, even those who are struggling. Curious to find out what it is? The research Researchers at UC Davis wanted… (0 comment)

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a DSLR Camera
Buying a video camera can be difficult. What, with all the different models, brands, types, and accessories to pick from, how do you even make a decision? As many companies look to begin their journey with video or upgrade their existing setup, we at IMPACT have been feeling the heat. As we’ve been assisting our… (0 comment)

How to Score Like a Pro
Not all leads are created equal. We know, we wish it wasn’t true either. But wishing it to be true doesn’t change the fact that many of the visitors to your website simply will not be a good fit for your business. One of the biggest time killers your sales teams face stems from spending too much time chasing… (0 comment)