SEO Hacker Year-end Round-up
As the year is about to end, all I can say is that 2017 is one of the most important years of SEO Hacker. As we are about to end our seventh year, we have had some posts that can be considered to be our most popular for the year. Each of these months has… (0 comment)

Events we attended • Yoast
To celebrate, we’re having an end of the year sale. Get all our products at 10% off! Yoast year in review Kicking off the year As always, the new year hasn’t really started until we had our infamous Yoast New Year party. Turning the office into a dance hall, we partied with our closest friends… (0 comment)

Yoast Academy in 2017 • Yoast
Yoast Academy is our online SEO courses platform. We’ve been working on our online SEO courses for almost two and a half years now. In 2017, we’ve added some new courses to the curriculum and updated some of the older content. More importantly, we’ve made big plans for new courses and formats for the new… (0 comment)

Yoast SEO in 2017 • Yoast
A year always seems like such a long time. But whenever we reach the end of one, we tend to say: where did it go? That’s definitely the case for developing and using software. We’re so invested in Yoast SEO that we sometimes forget when we added a feature because we use it so much.… (0 comment)