Understanding Semantic Textual Similarity
Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has seen huge strides in its development over the past few years. This 2018, companies like Google have been developing the technology to improve user-friendliness and allow more functionality in the services that they offer, such as Google Assistant, Google Search, and much more. These new developments have been… (0 comment)

How AI-Powered Platforms Find Real, Relevant Traffic For Your Online Ads
Feeling lost! Ain’t you? After all, you have marshalled your mind, money, and matter into creating those stupendous online ad campaigns, only to cold-shouldered by dismissive conversion rates. So, where did things actually go wrong? Why are your online ad campaigns not converting, though things seem incredibly fine on the ad impression front? It’s simply… (0 comment)

What Is a High-Quality Link?
Relevance or authority, which link strategy is the best? This question has been pondered by link builders for decades – and has become particularly important since Google introduced the Penguin algorithm. Backlinks serve as an important ranking factor for search engines. Google even named links as one of its top three ranking factors. As digital… (0 comment)