The Ultimate Guide To WP Fastest Cache
WP Fastest Cache is a versatile plugin that helps decrease the page load time of your website by creating quickly rendered HTML files that are stored and accessed by subsequent visitors. Since a WordPress website is rendered through PHP and MySQL it requires RAM and CPU usage each time the page is requested from the… (0 comment)

Interview with Designer Michael Moodie #1 DOTW
Editor’s notes:This first interview marks the beginning of a new series of interviews on WDL. We want to keep you, our audience, as engaged as possible with the news in the web design field but also give back by featuring our favorite designers in a weekly article. We’ll feature a new designer every week (hence… (0 comment)

FOMOOP (Fear of Missing Out on Projects)
For freelance web designers, finding a measure of comfort in our workload can be quite difficult. It seems like we’re either hair-falling-out busy or bored out of our minds. Happy mediums don’t really exist. Then, there’s always that worry that comes along with not knowing what’s just around the corner. Just because we’re busy today… (0 comment)

6 Streetwear Brands on Fire with Millennials
Some fashion brands are better than others. That’s just a fact. And while you might be obsessed with Nike and Under Armour, does that mean they’re the best brands out there? No, it certainly doesn’t. And to be honest, those brands are trash compared to other street style companies that have been around a lot… (0 comment)

An Introduction to WordPress Child Themes
Among the top features of WordPress is the ability to build a great-looking website even if you’re not a designer. Through the use of third-party themes, just about anyone with a bit of technical knowledge can create something that both looks and functions quite well. Add that to the fact that many themes are either… (0 comment)