Reg.ru Hosting Russia

Reg.ru Hosting Russia



Hosting CompanyReg.ru Ltd
Total Websites 201736,914 sites
TOP Websites 246 sites
AddressVassily Petushkova St. House 3, Office 326, Moscow 125476, Russia
Phone+7 495 580-11-11
Host-Lite Plan$1.45/mo

The best quality of the company’s work is reflected in the figures: we have more than 3 000 000 domains on service (according to the statistical resource StatOnline.ru ), every second domain in Russia is registered in REG.RU, the total number of services rendered for the 10 years has reached 25 million, and the number of clients exceeds 1.5 million. Our clients can register domains in more than 750 international and national domain zones, and as a confirmation of the reliability of their chosen company, professional responsibility of REG.RU was insured by Ingosstrakh for $ 1 million.

We like to be at the forefront of the Internet industry, because it allows us to offer intelligent services and products of the latest generation to all users, including both retail customers and partners .

REG.RU is, first and foremost, a constantly growing team of professionals who are always ready to help you in the creation, maintenance and promotion of the site. And since the future is beyond the Internet, we suggest that you create the future together!

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