The Roundup of Most Recent Stats and Studies
Featured snippets are comparatively new Google’s search feature showing web pages that did the best job answering a user’s query in position 0, i.e. on top of organic search results below the ads. Google’s Featured Snippets are still volatile (Google keeps working on the algorithm on a regular basis). This means that queries that are… (0 comment)

Affiliate Marketing in a Global Economy at Affiliate Summit East 2016 –
This was a conference session titled Affiliate Marketing in a Global Economy at Affiliate Summit East 2016, which took place July 31st through August 2nd, 2016 at the New York Marriott Marquis. Session speaker: James Little, Group Commercial Director, TopCashback Session description:Customers are buying from across the globe. Get advice on the opportunities that cross… (0 comment)

Heartbeat: Reach Over 150,000 Passionate Female Millennial Consumers
Brands today are spending $36 billion on social channels to engage and acquire new millennial consumers using Influencer-style campaigns with celebrity names. However; engagement and conversions are low because millennial women trust and engage more with friends’ recommendations exclusively when choosing between one product or service and another. Heartbeat is a platform for millennial women… (0 comment)