Commuter Mobile App Development Synergy Cities of China, Testin AppBase Best 50 Report 2017 – Press Release
From 1 to 100 kilometers, walking too far, bicycle may be unsafe, public transport is not convenient enough, driving the road congestion, taxi service unsatisfactory, all thus problems plague urban residents every day. It is an era whose economic growth rapidly, as a result, traditional traffic environment and travel vehicles have been difficult to meet… (0 comment)

Testin Claims The Upcoming Enterprise Security Services Will Be The Merger Of Human And AI – Press Release
In early 2017, with an online alias of “Master” in various international GO Servers, AlphaGo competed against dozens of the top Chinese, Japanese and Korean Go players in a fast-paced version of Go, with a continuous series of 60 victories. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can no longer be considered an objective in the distant event horizon,… (0 comment)