What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?
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eMarketer suggests that mobile-only internet users will increase from 32.1 million to 52.3 million between 2015 and 2021  Tweet This! In the last year alone, mobile-only internet use has increased from 36.6 million users to 40.7 million users  Tweet This!

Traditional digital marketing is often targeted and designed for the stationary desktop user; as a result, it has limitations with mobile-only users. One key aspect, of course, is their geographic mobility. That’s where mobile marketing automation (MMA) comes in.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

MMA is designed to work with all the complexities of mobile technology. Mobile users behave differently and want different things than desktop users, and MMA can help you optimize your campaigns for them. It can do many of the same things as traditional marketing automation. You can use it to build and segment your contact list, organize email campaigns, run split tests, and track your analytics. The power of MMA, however, is how it helps companies market specifically to consumers when they’re on their mobile devices. Amanda DiSilvestro, Salesforce

An MMA strategy may include scheduling push notifications, SMS messages, Near-Field Communications, Bluetooth connectivity, wifi, and in-app messages in addition to mobile email.

Amanda DiSilvestro predicts that mobile marketing automation will be as common as traditional marketing automation. She encourages companies to consider adopting mobile marketing automation now to make sharp gains within your industry. Be sure to read her article in detail on MMA and check out the following infographic distributed by Salesforce:


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