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What Qualities Should You Look for in a Marketing Employee? | B2B Marketing Blog

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Marketing Employee? | B2B Marketing Blog
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Guest post.

Hiring is hard, particularly when you’re looking to hire someone for a role that is absolutely vital to your company’s success. While the process of trial and error is a huge (and unavoidable) part of the hiring process, there are ways to tweak your interviewing methods so that next time it’s easier to find, and hire, the ideal candidate.

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With that in mind, start by making a list of the qualities that you want to see in your new employee so that you can tick off those boxes as the interview goes on. Looking for your next marketing employee? Here’s what to probe for.

The ability to communicate professionally

Marketing is all about communication, so it goes without saying your new employee must be confident and skilled at communicating professionally. Your employee will need to speak to potential clients, current customers, and industry influencers, as well as collaborate with other internal company teams. Professional communication will also often include writing to create successful multimedia marketing campaigns.

A creative mindset

Marketing pros need to be able to brainstorm fresh and exciting ideas that will engage your target audience and improve ROI. This means having an eye for design, impeccable attention to detail, and the ability to be quick-witted. Asking candidates to give you some ideas about how they can revitalise a brand will help you choose who is right for the role.

Strategic and analytical thinking

Marketing involves the interpretation and use of a lot of research-based analysis. For that reason, it’s good to have someone on the team who can think outside of the box to create a strategy that suits your target demographic. Additionally, look for someone who can use marketing technology to examine data and develop insights.

Negotiation techniques

For a role that revolves around communication with clients and vendors, negotiation is a vital and often undervalued skill. Your candidate will need to know how to discuss requirements, timelines, and budgets, and negotiate accordingly. This is usually the hardest part of achieving success in a marketing role, so you want to make sure you hire someone who’s on the ball.

Demonstratable “tech savvy-ness”

Most professional positions require a certain level of proficiency with modern technology. However, in a marketing role, this is definitely a “must-have.” The role may involve engaging with your audience on social media, the ability to create and monitor digital campaigns, and basic knowledge of design software. You should also ensure your candidate will be adept at adapting to new technological advances whether in your office or on a wider scale.

Easily create and schedule social media content

What about those extra nice-to-haves

Anyone who’s ever read a position description will know what we mean by “nice-to-haves,” usually listed under “desired skills.” Essentially, these are qualities and capabilities that aren’t deal-breakers, but will give the candidate a few bonus points in the hiring process. For a marketing role, you might want to ask for:

  • Experience in public relations
  • Good knowledge of digital marketing software
  • The ability to manage multiple projects
  • Leadership skills
  • Basic knowledge of HTML

Marketing jobs aren’t exactly hard to come by (depending on level, industry, and location), but it takes the right knowledge to land a position in the industry.


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